About Us

Bookasone – This concept is the first of its kind in the travel industry based on Economies of scale, means more the people the lower the rates. The Concept has always been there but this has never been implemented on any Ecommerce platform. We offer various travel products to consumers with a real time drop In the pricing with every new passengers booking the same tour. We have built our social media on the portal focusing on travel as this helps in getting more people to book and get lower rates and hence creating our own Bookasone travel community. We also focus on travel experiences as studies have shown the travel trends changing towards this.

The “Connect.Save.Travel ” motto could establish the new beginning with a combination of the travel technology in a social networking era.

Bookasone - A travel community , brings together travel product and travellers from different parts of the world in direct contact with each other. There are small and large local travel suppliers with expertise in their location but at most times do not have the exposure to a larger audience and in turn there is a huge demand for these local products that the consumers have been looking for but are not sure where to book from. We have a consolidation of over 1000 Suppliers across the world who would be putting up their Products on the portal, focussing on Packages, tours, passes and much more.

Travel Social Media can be very different we have Bucket list which has been making rounds in the recent years , and instead of just wishing , people can actually do it , and keep a tab on it. We facilitates special pages for the tourism boards and bloggers who directly promote and facilitate better information to the consumers. A travel calendar can be created with past and future travel destinations and shared with friends to connect better. The essence of BOOKASONE , is to connect like minded people , with similar interests and saving money.